About us

Founded in 2004 as the first ever online career site for English speaking Greek professionals. As a long time recruiter with Irish and Swiss roots, my long term focus was to build up a professional job site that offered Greek job seekers access into the Swiss and European job market. As an appreciator of the Greek culture and hospitality, I was also greatly impressed by the high standard of international education of a large number of professionals. Exceptional English language and communication skills, combined with a healthy drive to succeed, motivated me to start jobs4Greeks.com

The idea started as IT jobs4greeks, which was focussed on finding contracting and permanent IT jobs outside of Greece. The Greek market offered comparatively low salaries for well qualified IT professionals.  Job seekers were forced to fight with a large yellow newspaper or recruitment agencies that charged for services that are generally and rightfully expected to be free.

Despite a reluctance of Greek professionals to consider a move away from Greece, it was suggested that the focus should become more general and not just IT. 

It soon became clear that job seekers at all levels were restricted to going to a large yellow newspaper and agencies that wrongfully charged for services.

have experienced a workforce that was not willing to leave for better pay or more job security, to sadly, an environment that was forced professionals to leave, with or without family in order to survive. Greek professionals are appreciated the world over for their impressive language and communication skills. They are amongst the best educated and world wise experts across the globe.  

Our focus is primarily employer only jobs that require English as a core language for the position.